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Three Key Considerations When Planning an Event


For any event, whether a formal dinner or a landmark birthday party, there are certain unchanging principles in catering required for creating an exceptional occasion. Impeccable service from experienced caterers can make an event memorable for all the right reasons. At Birmingham Caterers Ltd, we have over thirty years of experience catering for events in Birmingham and Sutton Coldfield.

Work out a detailed brief

The key to ensuring a magnificent event is to wring out every detail from the brief. The only person with a complete vision of how their event should look is the client. The more specific a summary is, the more creative our team can get. When we have an idea of the format and any themes, we can advise on presentation, food and how we can maximise your budget.

Timing is critical

Timing is of the utmost importance when hosting or catering. For the caterer, arriving at the venue in plenty of time to serve food promptly should be a guarantee. For the host, however, timing can be challenging. It will depend on the venue you intend to hire. The Town Hall Symphony Room in Birmingham will have a longer waiting list than Solihull Conference Centre or Sutton Coldfield Trinity Centre. You will also need to confirm a deadline for RSVPs. After all, an empty seat at a party is not a desirable look.

Don’t overlook the details

After a party or sit-down meal, it’s often the little things people recall. As a caterer with a fervent passion for what we do, we strive to make a big difference through small touches. From table layouts to the plates, china, cutlery and glassware we use; it is all designed to make your occasion stand out.

If you are looking to host an event in Birmingham or Sutton Coldfield and need an exceptional caterer, contact our team.